Collegeosity is more than a social networking website. It’s an online resource geared toward providing a platform for purposeful and helpful interaction for college students with their peers. It also serves as a place for high school students to read and get advice about their upcoming lives in college and ease them into making a decision. Parents, too, can use the site to find college students to help their kids with schoolwork or college prep.

Thousand Oaks, CA proudly announces its official launch. Collegeosity is a free social networking site whose mission is to help students get through their college years painlessly by providing students with a place to give and receive advice and save money while having fun. Collegeosity lets college students go beyond casual chatting with their virtual friends – it provides a platform for purposeful and helpful interaction with peers.

College is not just about getting a degree, but also about learning about life, maintaining a budget, learning how to give back, having an opinion, learning from mistakes, and transitioning from living with parents to living on one’s own. is a place where college students can do just that while high school students can read about what’s in store for them directly from people who understand.