Mobilizing humanity to reverse the climate crisis.


NOW was built in response to the greatest crisis in human history.

Human impact and burning of fossil fuels is creating more CO2 than the planets natural defenses can handle.

Without urgent action specifically removing CO2. our planet will heat up to levels that no longer support life.

We need to remove CO2 and we need to do it NOW.

1 trillion trees

Research has shown that planting 1 T trees is the most effective and cheapest way to reverse climate change.

NOW has committed to plant 1 trillion trees, and built a subscription service to reverse the climate crisis.

How it works


Trees for the future

Global tree restoration

Support global tree restoration by subscribing to NOW today. The sooner we get the saplings in the ground, the better chance we have at reversing the climate crisis.


Solving the climate crisis is not merely a science or math problem. Rather, the true answer lies in the art of growing a movement.

The critical question at hand is: how do we unite people, from all walks of life to universally realize the power we have as a collective to transform our relationship with each other and the earth, in order to reclaim our future?

We believe the key is creating healthy collaboration between scientists, researchers, activists and creatives. Within society, it’s music; entertainment, brands, tangible products and experiences that leave a deeper, longer lasting impression. Not a newspaper headline; academic journal, or the day’s viral tweet. Creatives’ have the power to inspire universal change and re-energize our world in the fight against impending global destruction.

NOW is in existence to re-imagine the climate narrative. We’re committed to turning the tide, through action, collaboration, clear intention and application to remove CO2. We all have a part to play, and regardless of who you are, or where you are in the world, we invite you to reclaim our power in order to shape our global future.


We empower individuals, collectives, and brands pushing the world forward to create action NOW with their platform.

NOW is in existence to re-imagine the climate narrative.