Friday, 17 Apr 2020


Photo Credit: Lewis Parsons

Humanity has now pushed the natural world to the brink. We have drastically accelerated Earth’s climate degradation at a dangerous speed. How? In the past three decades alone we have pumped more CO2 into the atmosphere than in all of human history combined. What we’ve been calling “climate change” is in actuality an urgent climate crisis that is wreaking havoc on the ecosystems that human civilizations have relied on since the dawn of time. 

To top things off, scientists at the United Nations are telling us that we only have 8-11 years to stabilize CO2 levels before the climate crisis hits a point of no return. Eleven years until unpredictable climate disasters—from stronger hurricanes to more frequent wildfires to resource depletion—will act as a death sentence for future generations on Earth.

It’s time for us to challenge the story that has been written for us. This is bigger than politics. Bigger than imaginary borders. Bigger than the environment. Bigger than melting ice and rising tides. The climate crisis is bigger than any one of us. That’s why it’s going to take all of us. 

The moment we are in is too urgent to be defined by the story that change only comes from the UN, politicians, and activists. We need to dream big and act fearlessly. We need students, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, moms, warriors, and teachers, to reclaim our power to shape the future. We all have a part to play—regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you do. 

The folks at NOW believe the answer includes facilitating an open dialogue between scientists and creatives. To change our future, we need a cultural shift. We’re talking music, tangible products, and experiences that leave a longer-lasting impression than a headline or viral tweet. We have the power to inspire and re-energize our world in the fight against impending global destruction in ways that go deeper than the regular social-media-scrolling-business-as-usual model we’ve all subscribed to. 


Because humanity caused this crisis we have the power to fix it.

Solving the climate crisis is not merely a math problem. Rather, the solution lies in the art of catalyzing a visible and impactful movement. Yes, we need to subtract massive amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere immediately. But we’ve known what we need to do for years. Underlying the CO2 problem is another problem—the problem of inaction. How can we unite people from all walks of life to universally realize the power we have as a collective in order to reclaim our future?

It’s time to turn every choice we make throughout the day into action to reverse the climate crisis. What if we wove that climate action into popular culture? Go to a soccer game but have it power reforestation. Listen to music but make it activism. So that’s how we started- in a house in Los Angeles in 2019, with a dream to use culture to shift culture and accelerate a movement large enough to take on the scale of the crisis. And to do it NOW—because we are running out of time.


We need to stop emissions. We need to reimagine the power grid. We need to remove carbon. Join us in cleaning the atmosphere. We offer multiple projects to achieve this goal because no single solution has the capacity to scale the size of the crisis we have created. 

Making an effective impact has never been easier:

  1. Sign up for a subscription

2.  NOW funds carbon removal projects

3. Receive updates and track your CO2

NOW partners with leaders, creators, artists, storytellers, builders, community architects, brands, and those relentlessly fighting on the front lines. Those who shape culture and make the world move. Those who feel inspired to create for good. We aim to bring our community along on the journey with us. We send personalized impact updates including how much CO2 you have sequestered along with how many trees you have funded. YES - lots of numbers but it makes sense when you get the updates or check your profile.

Together we can re-imagine how the environmental story is told and we are just getting started. 

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