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The research is clear: in the past 30 years, we have caused unprecedented damage by the rate at which we are emitting carbon. We look around and the house is literally on fire. There are days when folks want to stop everything and carry out an emergency mission to stop the climate crisis. But that’s unrealistic at scale… so it sparked a new idea. What if we wove that climate action into popular culture? Go to a soccer game but have it power reforestation. Listen to music but make it activism. What if we turn every choice we make throughout the day into an action to stop reverse the climate crisis.

NOW is our answer to this emergency mission--a social enterprise working to clean up the crisis we’ve all created. 

A social enterprise is defined as “an organization that addresses a basic unmet need or solves a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach,” reinvesting all funds back into the cause. For NOW, that is our mission of accelerating a cultural shift to stop the climate crisis.

NOW is for-profit + for good, and our founders feel strongly about this one. The deck is stacked against nonprofits in our current capitalist system. Most of your time is spent “fundraising” or securing donations instead of optimizing or growing the organization. This also can be a barrier to attracting world-class talent and making outsized impact the way brands and popular culture can.

We believe we must even the playing field. Our strategy is to play within the system to change the system — for-profit businesses are the most effective vehicles to create change within a capitalist system and give us the best chance to scale impact in relation to the size and urgency of the problem.


NOW exists to close the gap between individuals and tangible impact. No matter where you are in relation to the climate justice movement NOW was built to provide you with access to impact at scale. We operate with a core belief that creativity can save humanity and heal our relationship with the planet. NOW is a home for the dreamers, do-ers, and done-ers who have a desire to apply their craft to the climate crisis. 

We aim to elevate a new generation of diverse leaders knowing that as individuals we sit at intersections: of science and art, of long-term planning and short-term execution, of culture and caring. Our holistic, human-first approach to solving the climate crisis holds space for voices of all people regardless of gender identity, race, age, ability, religion or background.
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We partner with leaders, creators, artists, storytellers, builders, community architects, brands, and those relentlessly fighting on the front lines. Those who shape culture and make the world move. Those who feel inspired to create for good and turn their influence into impact.

Collaborations are based on NOW’s values and intentions, which means we refrain from partnering with organizations actively contributing to climate change and deforestation.


We offer multiple carbon removal projects because no single solution has the capacity to scale to the size of the urgest crisis we’re facing. 

  1. EDEN

    Eden first initiated a reforestation project in 2005 at the request of the Ethiopian government to salvage a failed tree planting government program. Eden shifted the focus from just planting trees to actually educating local villagers on basic reforestation. 

    The holistic approach targets villages around the world that are facing extreme poverty due primarily to the loss of the ecosystems that once sustained them. Local stakeholders not only own the responsibility of nurturing and planting seedlings but act as land stewards as their ecosystems recover.

    In 15 years Eden has gone from a good idea to become the world’s largest and most prolific tree-planting non-profit organization in the world. Eden has facilitated the planting of over 250 million trees while elevating employment, education, local ownership of projects.


    DroneSeed, an innovative startup out of Seattle, is rapidly changing the reforestation game by combining forestry science, remote sensing, climate science, and a fleet of customized heavy-lift drones. Founded four years ago, the company’s mission is to make reforestation scaleable. 

    DroneSeed has already made impressive strides in post-wildfire restoration in North America by partnering and listening to experienced land managers including The Nature Conservancy. Their vision is to adapt this solution for all systems critical to planetary function. We believe that DroneSeed will redefine the economics of reforestation and make tree planting a cornerstone of climate change mitigation.


    Climeworks captures CO2 from ambient air with the world’s first commercial carbon dioxide removal technology. Climeworks direct air capture plants capture CO2 with a patented filter and are powered by either waste or renewable energy.

    Climeworks air-captured CO2 is sold to customers in the Food, Beverage & Agriculture; and Renewable Fuels & Materials markets. Climeworks also offers Carbon Dioxide Removal, enabling customers to realize their climate goals by safely and permanently storing air-captured CO2 underground, and thereby ultimately stopping climate change from reaching dangerous levels.

As part of our mission to stop the climate crisis, we’ve set a goal to sequester 200 million total lbs of CO2 by Earth Day 2020. In the face of a crisis that threatens everything we love, there has never been a more unifying moment. Are you ready to rewrite the story?

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