Reforestation is the process of sowing seeds or planting new trees in areas where trees once stood or in areas where tree density is diminishing. Historically reforestation is a laborious and expensive process, often in challenging terrain. However, the process of planting a tree can bring untold benefits to the land and the person participating in the regeneration.

For trees to make a tangible impact in the mission to reduce CO2, we simply need more of them. For trees to make a tangible impact in the daily choices we make as part of our carbon footprint, a connection to the land must be maintained.


One million trees in the ground, rejuvenated ecosystems with education and direct employment for an estimated 2,000 people. It is estimated that project will generate income-producing activities for an additional 5,000 people.


It will take several years for seedlings to mature and maximize CO2 absorption.

The Facts


Nearly 1,500 tree species are native to Togo and West Africa


Over 20 different tree species will be planted in this project


1,500 hectares will be reforested


For this project in Togo, the different species of trees can be planted all year. NOW subscribers will see the CO2 sequestration for these trees in two metrics: Total CO2 Removal Funded and CO2 Removed to Date.

Total CO2 Removal Funded begins counting as soon as the subscription begins and reflects the anticipated impact over the lifetime of the trees planted.

Removal to Date reflects real-time CO2 removal based on where the trees are in their lifecycle and begins counting once the trees are in planting season. Although not the case for Earth Guardians Africa, some projects will have a gap between funding the project and the planting season, which will be reflected in a delayed start to counting CO2 removed to date. However, the Total Removal Funded will always begin with subscription.


Earth Guardians Africa

Earth Guardians trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements across the globe - using art, music, storytelling, on the ground projects, civic engagement and legal action to advance solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community.

Founded as an accredited school in 1992, Earth Guardians has evolved into thousands of engaged youth on six continents. They have reached over 54M people through social media with that message, educating over 600,000, and directly training over 22,000 youth leaders in over 61 countries around the world.

With active Chapters operating in South Africa, Congo, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Togo and more than 12 additional African countries, Earth Guardians Africa is one of the most-action oriented crews the organization has fostered. This established infrastructure provides the Togo project the local resources that are needed to hit the ground running.