Food Forests

A food forest is a plant-based food production system that is based on woodland ecosystems. Once established, a food forest is sustainable, low maintenance and provides food sovereignty. Additionally, the biodiversity of the area and regenerative agriculture practices sequester carbon in the soil, removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

Food Forests typically include fruit-and nut-bearing trees, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables. Permaculture techniques used on the land maximize water retention, composting, species diversity, erosion control, pollination, disease control and production yields.


This will provide the community with a sustainable, low maintenance source for organic food and medical herbs. Project construction and ongoing stewardship will draw the community together and provide an education platform for sustainable food production as well as indigenous traditions of the Kumeyaay Nation.


As with all planting projects there is a multi-seasonal time lag between planting and harvest for tree species and some perennials.

The Facts


This Food Forest will feed a community of 1,200 people


Native Americans are being hit harder by the coronavirus than the overall US population


More than 20 different plant species, including 10 types of trees will be planted


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Indigenous Regeneration

A non-profit based outside of San Diego, Calif., Indigenous Regeneration exists to inspire Native Communities on regenerative living concepts to achieve re-indigenization and true Tribal sovereignty.

Founded in 2017, Indigenous Regeneration believes emotional and physical wellbeing is achievable through reconnection to the land, self and others.

Programming is focused on traditional and contemporary food cultivation, environmental awareness and re-connection to the land, and traditional plant education and integration, Indigenous primitive survival skills, healthy self expression through music, art and cultural activities, regenerative agriculture concepts and sustainable building techniques for future economic growth on San Diego reservations.